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Auto-darkening welding helmet

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Auto-darkening welding helmet. Some new and high science and technology such as LCD, optoelectronics detection, solar power, microelectronics, etc. are integrated into it. The automatic welding helmet not only can efficiently protect operator's eyes from injuries caused by arc, but also can leave both hands free to strike arc accurately. This welding helmet is equipped with a filter that darkens automatically. The filter before welding, so the operators may observe the work surface clearly. When striking arc, the filter darkens automatically immediately. When arc goes out, the filter will become transparent again. The switching time from light to dark is about 0.0001 second. The switching time from dark to light may be set up with 0.1-0.9 second. This helmet gives the operators permanent complete protection against UV/IR even in transparent condition. The UV/IR protection level is up to DIN15 at all time. The power is provided by solar cells. No battery changing is necessary. The helmet is equipped with 2 or 4 sets of photosensors to detect arc light. In addition, the helmet is also provided with an outer and inne protection plate made of high polymer material. The plate is wear-resistant, thermostable and has no dregs-sticking, thus a very long service life. Power ON/OFF: Fullu automatic. Filter cartridge dimension: 110 mm x 90 mm x 8.5 mm. - Viewing area: 96 mm x 42 mm. - Superior auto-darkening lens for Arc, MIG and TIG welding. - Darkening reaction time: 0.1 ms. Variable shade control 4/9-13 - Variable shade control 4/9-13 - High/Low light sensitivity adjustment. - Meets ANSI Z87.1 and EN 379 Standards - UV/IR protection: DIN 15 - Switching time dark/lght: 0.1-0.9s adjustable - Ultraviolet and infrared protection. - Solar cell with lithium battery- Helmet material: Polyamide Nylon - Operating temperature: -10° to +55°C (14°F to 131°F). - Weight: 500g. - Color: Red.

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