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Intelligent Robot vacuum Cleaner

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Intelligent Robot vacuum Cleaner with Smartphone APP intelligent control, camera function, clean planning, multi-mode cleaning route, infrared intelligent sensing, sweeping, vaccuming and mopping. - Smart dust: Press the switch it will automatically clean the room without manipulation. - Reservation cleaning: According to the appointements on time it will automatically clean without unattended. - Path planning: Intellegent path planning system, automatic cleaning line, avoid obstacles. The claening route is planed, the machine has smart chip, can adjust route automatically according to the environment, and can expand the cleaning area. - Automatic charging: The cleaner will search the docking station for charging automatically in case for kow battery during claening. - Anti-drop and anti-collision: Smart surface detection sensor, which can detect surface gap, avoid failling from a strair height, can vaoid obstacles, prevent damaging furniture. - Wireless remote control: 2.4G wireless remote control to adjust the direction of clean and clean mode, direction without limit, make cleaning more intimate. - Equipped with 2200 mAh battery, the machine will work longer and clean more. - The machine is equipped with a camera 720P resolution. After connecting APP, you can always see the situation through the camera at home. - Infrared smart sensor: It can effectively detect obstacles and avoid collision with machines. - The low volume of 55 dB. The machine is equipped with high performance brushless motor, which can achieve low noise effect at work without disturbing your life. - Large capacity water tank. The 180ml large tank can assist he machine to mop the floor and make the floor cleaner. - Specially designed gears mak it easily to climb home carpets, thresholds, etc. Can climb to 15 degrees. - 120m² - 150m² clean area. - Rated voltage: 14.8V - Noise: - 55dB - Height: 9.0 cm - Battery capacity: 2200 mAh (lithium battery) - Battery life: 1000 times - Remote control range: < 10m - Normal charging period: 3-4 hours - Working hours: 90-120 minutes - Rated power: < 22W - Diameter: 32 cm - First charge time: 8 hours - Dust box capacity: 370 ml.

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